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When Suffering Costs Us Too Much

I think there's this point we can get to on our spiritual journey where we see, like crystal clearly see, just how much our own suffering is costing us. Just how much it's holding us back and limiting us from actually enjoying and experiencing the fullness of life. And it's at that exact moment when you can let it go. I know that sounds paradoxical because we've been conditioned our whole lives to think that suffering is something we have to solve through external means, but when you really see that your own mind is generating it - when you see all the ways that you're creating stories and fabricating perceptions that aid in the suffering, you can literally let it go. And that's how it feels subjectively. It's like you just let it go. You see how heavy it is, and then you let it go. And it's this instant freedom. It's this incredibly profound moment where you find peace regardless of circumstances around you.

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