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About Victor & The Pursuit of Spirit

"When I was a young kid I intuited that there was something inherently magical and extraordinary about existence. At the time, I thought I was just lost in fantasy. Everyone told me to be realistic, and everyone around me went about their lives as if nothing amazing was happening. So I eventually forgot about my early intuition and followed along with the crowd, participating in all the cultural norms and experiences. It wasn't until I was older - around 15 - that the intuition came back. Lost and deeply anxious, I set out for answers. I set out for the Truth - to find where this intuition was coming from. I attended retreats, read books, took courses, and practiced almost all of the various spiritual techniques. What I discovered through that process was that my early intuition as a kid was right - Existence is inherently mystical and extraordinary, and it has been my purpose ever since to share and awaken this realization in others."

- Victor Burkhart

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