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Embracing Our Divine Purpose: How Living From The Heart Can Unlock True Joy And Fulfillment"


In our spiritual journey, we often encounter the profound realization that everything is love and each person is a child of God, regardless of their disposition. This understanding empowers us to make choices, even in the face of terrifying experiences. However, true non-duality goes beyond this concept. It encompasses the paradoxical notion that everything is both interconnected and individualized. Within this framework, we have the freedom to create our lives by embracing the highest expression of love in our unique way.

The Unity and Duality Dance

While recognizing the unity of all things, we must also acknowledge the existence of duality within this unity. It is akin to a Russian nesting doll, with duality nested within unity. Our task is to navigate the choices presented by duality and manifest our desires based on what our hearts yearn for—the purest form of love. This journey requires living from our intuitive system, emotions, and heart, not merely to become spiritually enlightened, but because deviating from this path leads to unhappiness and an unconscious acceptance of life's circumstances.

Claiming Ownership of Our Lives

Many of us live our lives as passive spectators, going through the motions without realizing that this life is ours to shape. It is essential to embrace the divine truth that our lives are unique and deserving of our attention. The happiest individuals understand this reality and confidently ask for what they want. Our desires, visions, and expressions of love differ greatly from one another, making the pursuit of our individual highest expressions of love a divine purpose in itself.

The Power of Living from the Heart

Living from the heart goes beyond the superficial notion of kindness and goodness. It is rooted in the metaphysical concept of the consciousness-only model, which asserts that our lives possess a divine purpose. Our hearts serve as constant guides, yearning for expression, growth, and love. When we allow our hearts to lead, our lives undergo transformative changes, bringing us closer to our true purpose. By understanding that everything is perfect and divine, despite its imperfections, we embrace the significance of our incarnation with a unique personality and an extraordinary mission.


Choosing to live from the heart is a profound commitment that can revolutionize our lives. It is a journey grounded in the understanding that everything is interconnected and divine. By following our hearts' guidance and expressing the highest form of love within us, we align ourselves with our unique purpose. Embracing this path allows us to experience a life filled with fulfillment, growth, and authentic self-expression.

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