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Understanding Death

When we look at death from a spiritual perspective, we see that there really isn’t death at all. Death, if anything, is just a thought and belief we hold in our minds.

The Truth is that “death” is just a transition and a changing of forms. Even our scientific and universal laws acknowledge this truth: “matter cannot be created nor destroyed.” What is, is. And since matter isn’t outside or apart from you - infinite consciousness - “you” can recognize that you can never be destroyed. Because you were never created. You always Were. You always Are.

Once we understand and see this, we can find a lot of freedom and peace around death, or the transition of our physicality. We can clearly and undeniably confirm and realize for ourselves that what we are, what our friends are, what our family members are, what every being from an ant to dog is, is Infinite Consciousness (spirit) and can never die.

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