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Love Is The Highest Truth

Love is the most profound Truth, and that is because Love is what you are. When you come to the recognition that what you are is Love, you will feel like you’ve come Home, in the most profound sense of that word. You’ll feel like the search is over, you’ll feel like everything makes perfect sense. And that’s because Love is the great answer. Love is what you’ve been looking for this whole time. You just could never find it because you were looking in the wrong place, you were looking “out there”. But Love isn’t “out there”. Love is right here. Just right here. Right now. This is it. This moment is it. This is Love. Now Why is it Love? Why is the Highest and most profound Truth, Love? It's simple: because the Absolute Truth is that Reality is a single, boundless, and unified thing. And what other word is there for an Intelligent and Conscious Unity-Wholeness-Boundlessness? Love. It's Love.

That is what you are.

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