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You're Already Awake

During one of my recent trips into the depths of my own consciousness, I wrote down a very profound statement:

“This sucks. How do I explain to people and even myself we are awake and don’t even know it?”

Now, at first glance, this statement may not seem very profound. In fact, it may seem kind of stupid. But if you can have an intuition for what it really means, you’ll see the profundity in it. And if so, can you see that it truly is one of the most mind blowing realizations? Not only realizing that what you actually are is this boundless and eternal consciousness. But that you have been this whole time, your whole life.

When we get into spirituality and consciousness work, we imagine awakening or enlightenment to be about something new. Some new esoteric knowledge, some new spiritual experience, or something like that. But it really blows our socks off when we realize it’s nothing new. In fact, it’s the most familiar thing we all know - ourselves. That’s what makes it so funny. That’s what makes it a “cosmic joke“.

You’re Awake and don’t even know it.

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