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Discover Your Divine Purpose

All deeply fulfilling lives are centered around one thing: a Divine Purpose. 

I want you to think of any human being that you admire, past or present. Maybe its Martin Luther King Jr., or Nikola Tesla, or the Buddha, or Jesus Christ. 

Regardless of who inspires you and why they do, what you should notice is that they all share one thing: a deep purpose in life. They all had a Divine Purpose - a deeply emotional and compelling vision for what's possible that moved them to do the incredible things that they did. Without a Divine Purpose, we probably wouldn't know their names.

Now don't get me wrong: this isn't about becoming some special human that everyone likes. This is about realizing that all truly inspiring and admirable human beings had a Divine Purpose. That's why we admire them. This is about realizing that a life without Divine Purpose is a life not worth living. And in fact, the only way to experience true fulfillment is to be living in accordance with your very own Divine Purpose. Deep down, you know this.

In this course, you will embark on a profound inner journey with me (Victor Burkhart) to discover and create your life's very own Divine Purpose.

Yes, you have one. It just takes some time to un-earth and bring into the light. It also takes some time to figure out how to take real-world action on this purpose and align every aspect of your life to it.


That's what this course is for.

So, if you feel inspired to create a deeply fulfilling life, and you want to start living each moment with profound and Divine Purpose, click the enroll button below. I'll see you on the other side.

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What's Included?

- Daily videos

- A workbook

- A reading list

- The 90 Day Life Purpose Challenge

- Lifetime Access to the course upon purchase

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Who is this course for?

- For anyone who is struggling to find a sense of meaning and purpose in life

- For anyone who feels like they are not living up to their highest potential

- For anyone who wakes up in the morning with a sense of meaninglessness

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What will you get from this course?

- A profound and divine sense of purpose in life

- A deep understanding of yourself and your unique role in life

- An action plan to creating a life you are in love with


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course... It was definitely a great start to build from, and I will keep going back to it as my ideas and goals change. I also appreciated the stories, examples, and the genuine way it was presented so if i had any questions I knew I could reach out at any time. Thank you.” - Denise

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