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My Core Teachings Of Spiritual Awakening

All of my teachings and everything I share, from videos to blog posts to courses, all revolve around three core teachings:

- Love

- Consciousness

- God

Now, in Truth, these words are all synonyms for the same thing. But its important to divvy them up just a bit so that your mind can get a decent grasp of what I share.


When we think of Love, we usually imagine romantic feelings during a candle-lit dinner with someone we are attracted to. But that's not the Love I'm pointing to here. What I'm point to is Love in the metaphysical sense of the word - Love as a Universal Truth.


When you come to the recognition that what you are is Love, you will feel like you’ve come Home, in the most profound sense of that word. You’ll feel like the search is over, you’ll feel like everything makes perfect sense. And that’s because Love is the great answer. Love is what you’ve been looking for this whole time. You just could never find it because you were looking in the wrong place, you were looking “out there." But Love isn’t “out there." Love is right here. Right now. This is it. This moment is it. This is Love.

Now Why is it Love? Why is the Truth, Love? It's simple: because the Truth is that Reality is a single, boundless, and unified thing. There are absolutely no boundaries between any two things.


I'll say that again so that you really get it: there is absolutely no boundary between anything. Even if there was a boundary, what would it be made out of? Think about it: if Reality was actually separated, what would separate it? Something that isn't Reality? How can something unreal, separate whats Real? It can't! So if the only thing that can separate Reality, is Reality itself, then Reality can never be separate from itself. It is itself, Absolutely. And what other word is there for an Absolutely unified and boundless Reality? Love.

It's Love.

This isn't a neat idea I want you to believe. This is something you can realize is Absolutely True.

Coming to the second pillar of what I teach and share, you may ask "Well what does Consciousness have to do with Love?" And like I said earlier, All these words are pointing to the same thing. They all point to what is True.
If Reality Is completely unified as-itself (Love), and you are that Reality, then ask yourself: What the hell am I existing as? I mean, if you look to your direct experience right now, what is it made of? Is Reality made of thoughts? Obviously not because thoughts come and go. Is Reality made of feelings? Obviously not because feelings shift and change. Whatever Reality IS, has to be constant, because thats what it IS, Literally!
When you investigate this further, you'll find that what you're existing as is Consciousness or Being itself. The Reality that you are which is Absolutely unified and boundless (Love), is "made out of" Consciousness or Being
In other words, the "substance" or the "fabric" that this unified Reality is made out of, is Consciousness or Awareness itself.
Remember: This isn't a cool idea I want you to believe. This is something you can become directly conscious of as being True. LITERALLY.
But where does God come in? Maybe you're thinking "Ok Vic, I can accept a completely unified reality with no boundaries existing as consciousness. But God?! No way. I can't accept that." And I don't blame you. From the conditioning almost all of us have from a bearded man in the clouds that judges us, the word God is likely to evoke many reactions and feelings that are not wanted. But stick with me here, because the God I'm talking about isn't a bearded man in the clouds that judges you from afar, in our understanding here, God is what we are.
Remember: all these teachings point to the same "Thing" or Truth. If Reality (You) are a completely unified field of consciousness with absolutely no boundaries, what else can we call that, then God? I mean you may not like the word, but that's what it is. 
This is not some fanciful New-Age idea I got while smoking some weed. This is something you can directly awaken to and become conscious of yourself. This is what's True, Literally.
You walk around as if you are separate from all the other "entities" and "things",  yet none of these entities or things are actually separate from you. They just appear separate. Go ahead: look. Where is the boundary? Where is the difference between you and the screen you are currently looking at? Where is the actual boundary? There isn't one. You can't find one and you never will, because It's all One thing. It's all One Consciousness.
That's what You are. Not the ego-you with a name, a body, a past, and a date of birth,
but You - Consciousness. The thing that's reading this sentence at this exact moment.
You (Love) are completely boundless and unified because all of Reality is One and every boundary is completely imaginary and un-real. You can directly Awaken to this Truth.
You (Consciousness) have existed eternally because You are completely independent of space and time. All space and time happens within You and is perceived by You. You can directly Awaken to this Truth.
You (God) are an intelligent and omni-present Being that has no form or physicality, but which all of physicality and form is made of. You can directly Awaken to this Truth.
Love - Consciousness - God is WHAT YOU ARE, LITERALLY.
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